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LiveWire podcast interview with Vice Chair, Andrew Pridham AO
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Published 15 February 2023
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In an interview with LiveWire on their podcast series ‘Success and More Interesting Stuff’, our Vice Chairman Andrew Pridham AO reflects on his 30-year career, starting with turning around Australia’s commercial property sector in the mid-1990s, before establishing MA Financial in 2009.

In the podcast, Andrew shares how our unique diversified business model is MA Financial’s strength, why culture matters, and offers sage advice for those looking to venture out on their own.

Andrew Pridham on the podcast with Matthew Kidman

0:00 - Intro

4:24 - Early life

12:49 - Early career in finance

16:32 - Risk in financial markets at the time

19:07 - Recession and investment banking

22:47 - Coming out of a recession, and into the golden era of property

25:58 - Moving to the international scene

30:34 - Joining the swans, and lessons in leadership

35:18 - Striking out independently

51:13 - Listing on the ASX, and the future of MA Financial

1:01:18 - Values of the Swans

1:09:31 - Outro.

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